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, Hi, my name is Lee Jones, Welsh Man Walking

Hi, I know writing this as the very first post and without any marketing and a site thats not properly ready yet will mean nobody reads it, but its worth making a start and do things the way I usually conduct my life, and thats just crack on and sort things out as I go along, better than sitting around doign too much planning, not thats a bad thing in fairness, just I’m 46 now and I’m stuck as I am now, so it’s a case of yes thats a good idea, lets do it!

I am Welsh as my blog name says, born in the South Wales Valleys in a small village called Maes-Y-Cwmmmer. We had lots of fields and plenty of space to play, but walking I wouldnt say was my passion back then, I’d rather had run it, kicked a football or rugby ball all the way around, or if it meant heading off to build a camp then I was in. But being around the countryside and being used to farm land and boundries and knowing how to stay safe, meant once I did take up walking, it wasnt an alien experience, but one I had wished I started much younger.

I hope this blog can help anyone who would like to look at the trails I do, the kit I buy and use, and if I find out some news about anything, I’ll post it here for others. I’ll build on this blog as I go along through my journey.

I have a couple of big adventures I want to do before I’m too old, and this is me building up to those days, so I can get eveything right.

Right, so enjoy my blog, and if you see my about, say hi and I’m always up for finding new trails and adventures.

2 thought on “Hi, my name is Lee Jones”
  1. Lovely to meet you guys at today’s 3 Pens Walk. Would love to walk with you all again at some point if I’m in the area and you’re out and about. I hope to move to North Wales over the summer- maybe you can plan a trip over there in the Snowdonia NP/N Wales coast or even Anglesey – some fab walks around. Enjoy your next holiday and look forward to reading more on your site. Very interesting. !

    1. Hi Andrea,

      Ye great to meet you too, and if you’re moving to North Wales then you could join us when we do the Welsh 3 Peaks, it’s a challenge our friend is doing and we are supporting him and others on the mountains.

      Are you on Facebook or Instagram?

      We really enjoyed today, we loved it as it was new to us, we loved Neil the guide and it was great to meet other people from other communities.

      We will meet up again for sure


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