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Tube Trekking London

London, Tube Trekking London, Welsh Man Walking

‘Tube Trekking’ whilst walking on my adventures around Greater London. London’s tube stations are everywhere, you are only a short walk from another one, and tube trekking allows you to start and end at various tube stations, on a guided walk and always being able to return to your start point safely.

Greater London is very large, and my aim is to offer tube trekking walks not only in the very popular central area’s but also out in the wider communities to explore the parks, the shops, cafe’s, canals, the history, the rivers and lakes and everything else London has to offer.

London’s green parks and nature spaces provide a serene escape from the bustling city. Hyde Park, one of the largest, offers boating on the Serpentine and open-air concerts. Regent’s Park features beautiful rose gardens and the famous London Zoo. For a more natural setting, Hampstead Heath provides sweeping views from Parliament Hill and tranquil ponds. Richmond Park, home to herds of deer, presents a taste of the countryside within the city. These green havens are perfect for relaxation, recreation, and reconnecting with nature amidst the urban landscape.