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, My Kit – DexShell Terrain Walking Socks, Welsh Man Walking

It’s Father’s Day and I think I’m getting my usual new socks and shortbread biscuits and that’s exactly what I got, but this year I had a pair of the ‘DexShell Terrain Walking Socks‘, and the pair came from www.sportsshoes.com. My son bought me them, and in the card, he wrote, some socks to stick on your blog dad! So, this is it…

Who Are DexShell?

, My Kit – DexShell Terrain Walking Socks, Welsh Man Walking

DexShell has by the looks an extensive range of ‘technical outdoor apparel accessories‘. They state that they have ‘set out to create functional products that will enhance the experience of outdoor enthusiasts in difficult and challenging weather and terrains, minimising the detrimental effects of these conditions to ensure high performance and enjoyment‘.

So that is perfect for me, as I am out in all weathers usually hiking in the South Wales mountains, and in 2020 I also went to the Swiss Alps, and I’m planning on more European trips and also some big climbs in the coming years, so I do tend to spend that little bit more on kit, and usually look in the sales, as it usually is worth it, to spend a bit more money to get the experience you want. The DexShell products that interest me are the waterproof, breathable socks, gloves & hats.

DexShell Terrain Walking Socks

The Terrain Walking Socks are a waterproof, breathable garment, ideal for any recreation and outdoor activity where you want to be active while keeping your feet dry.

This sock uses anti-bacterial CoolMax FX liner which has a terry loop cushion from heel to toe, for a snug feeling. Not only this, but the materials deliver a blister-free, anti-odour performance. CoolMax is the performance yarn that includes effective fibre-based moisture-managements systems and can move perspiration away from the body, through the fabric. It can evaporate quickly, allowing you to feel cooler and much more comfortable. CoolMax fresh FX has permanent anti-bacterial properties due to the special treatment given by silver-based additives during production. Alongside these amazing technologies, the garment has a Porelle membrane, which provides a waterproof, breathable layer of protection.

My Opinion If It Matters

I had the socks for Father’s Day, and was lucky to wake up, get them out of the box and put them on to go out straight after, and I’ve got nothing but praise for them.

As soon as you feel them, you know straight away these are quality, I knew these were going to be the best socks I have ever had, and then you put them on and you have this lovely feeling of stability and I have to say they look fantastic also, so you have these quality made socks for the elements, then you have a pair that look the business on.

, My Kit – DexShell Terrain Walking Socks, Welsh Man Walking
, My Kit – DexShell Terrain Walking Socks, Welsh Man Walking
, My Kit – DexShell Terrain Walking Socks, Welsh Man Walking
, My Kit – DexShell Terrain Walking Socks, Welsh Man Walking

So then in the boot, the cushioning is superb, and for me the best bit was the cushioning on the toes, I am a hiker and you’re up and down mountains, and very often I get home and my toes and the pads are hurting a bit and have had a battering, I got home after 8 miles, and honestly because of my feet I felt I could head straight back out again.

On the mountains it was a bit damp, and we had a couple of streams to cross, and although no water was going to get in from the top, my boots are getting on and stream water did get in, and like I say it wasn’t a lot, but the water didn’t go through to my feet, and another thing my feet where very warm from start to finish, these socks are absolute quality.

I have nothing bad to say at all, and the fact I got them half price in sportsshoes.com was a bonus, I will be getting more of these for my Switzerland trip in September.

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